Phillips grateful for opportunity

Nate Phillips has seen his success grow as the season has gone on. Read on to see why that is, his thoughts on Cal, and more.

Nate Phillips has seemingly improved with each passing game this season and he attributes it to simply believing in himself more.

"I think the whole team and the receiver group in general has more confidence than we did," Phillips said. "For everybody, I think it clicked in the USC game. B.J. came out and he really threw the ball well and I think that was to show everyone he can really throw the ball."

Nearly every opponent Arizona has faced has chosen to load the box in order to stop the run. Phillips and the other receivers are taking that defensive strategy personally.

"Coach wants us to take that as a personal challenge when they play press man," Phillips said. "That's basically what it is. Their coach is saying that their defensive backs are better than our receivers, so we take it as a challenge every day."

Phillips came into Arizona as a receiver that was not recruited much, thus even he is a but surprised by his early success.

"I think I just wanted to come in and contribute to the team as well as I can and I think I have done that so far and I am just going to continue to grow," he said.

"I am definitely surprised, but I am more grateful than surprised or cocky about it. It's just that I came in and play as a true freshman and not many people can do that across the country."

Arizona attention is completely on California this week and Phillips says the Golden Bears present a unique challenge.

"They are definitely an aggressive secondary," he said. "They like to come up and hit you. It is definitely a change of pace and they have bigger defensive backs than we have seen."

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