Wildcats continue to overcome obstacles

Arizona is currently 6-2, but it has not been easy. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez believes Arizona has had to overcome and more.

Arizona may have been the favorite over Cal on Saturday, but that does not mean that the Wildcats did not battle through some adversity.

The win took some ugly football at times, which did not surprise Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez.

"I'm proud of our guys," Rodriguez said. "We knew there was going to be some adversity and that we would have to be resilient. They came out and scored on their opening series and our guys didn't panic.

"As I told the team afterwards, it's not pretty, and a lot of times it's not pretty how we're playing right now, but it's a good road win in the Pac-12 and we've got a lot of big games coming up."

Rodriguez has been consistent in his belief that Arizona does not necessarily have the players that can compete at an elite level every night.

In order to counter that, the Wildcats have to be on point with nearly everything they do and Rodriguez has been pleased for the most part.

"For where we are right now, and I've said it many times, we've got some good players, but we're not going to overwhelm anybody," Rodriguez said. "We just aren't there right now and we are going to have to grind. If you look at us physically, we get pushed around a bit because we're not that big.

"I was really pleased with our guys and their focus all week and I was pleased with their intensity coming out of the locker room and I think that they're excited. Any road win is good and we get a chance to come back home with some big games in front of us."

One of the main reasons why that focus and intensity has been high is that a good amount of the players that Rodriguez has recruited have been able to make an impact nearly right away.

"Those guys - Scooby Wright, Nate Phillips, Samajie Grant - are studs," Arizona quarterback B.J. Denker said. "Last year they're playing high school football, they just got their diplomas, and now they're playing big time Pac-12 football.

"That's a credit to them working hard and to our coaches' recruiting. It's not easy to come in as a freshman and do what they're doing."

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