Miller looking forward to opportunity

Terrence Miller has been more successful as of late. Read on to see why, his thoughts on the passing game overall, and more.

Terrence Miller's contribution to Arizona may not have been big in the first few games of the season, but that has since changed.

"In the first three games we obviously did not have to open up our playbook as much," Miller said.

"A lot of plays that were not necessarily designed for me, but that give me an opportunity or more opportunity to catch balls are definitely in now, especially with the defenses we are seeing now."

Despite the inconsistencies, the senior receiver says he has always had fun.

"It has definitely been more exciting," Miller said. "When I wasn't getting the ball I was still pushing people around, so I am still having fun. It's football, so I get to hit people and not get in trouble."

Arizona's scheme is not easy to learn, but Miller feels that is is more demanding than anything.

"I wouldn't say that it is hard, but I would say it is demanding," he said. "Our offense is pretty much based on timing. We do have to be at certain spots at certain times because of the way our protection is called.

"I think gaining B.J.'s trust is something a lot of us had to do early on, probably a little bit earlier than we would have liked to just because we had young guys stepping in and they hadn't really played college football before, but they had to step up really fast."

In addition to gaining Denker's trust, an increase in confidence has also helped the offense.

"I feel like just with B.J.'s new found confidence it kind of helps," Miller said. "He hangs out in the pocket and extends plays a little longer too for when times when receivers' routes aren't exactly where they are supposed to be. As much as we have to help him out, he does a good job of helping us out too."

With the Wildcats looking to upset UCLA, Miller's attention is now on the Bruins and he is looking forward to playing at home.

"Our stadium has been electric in the past, especially for big games, so I am expecting our stadium to be pretty electric this weekend," he said.

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