11/6 Football Notebook

Arizona will take on UCLA on Saturday. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez thinks about UCLA's defense, how Jake Fischer is recovering from his injury, and more.

  • Jake Fischer did not play against Cal, but Rich Rodriguez says he is likely to go against UCLA on Saturday.

    "He's doing more and we're hoping he can play," Rodriguez said. "I have to check with the defensive guys to see how much he did today. Last week he did nothing, this week he is doing at least half that."

  • If Fischer is somehow unable to play, Hank Hobson will take on his role.

    "If Jake can't go, he's the guy," Rodriguez said. "Jake is a seasoned veteran that can probably play three linebacker positions. Hank's been in the system and knows it pretty well. Jake just has certain instincts and leadership, so we're hoping he can go."

  • UCLA is likely to start three freshmen on the offensive line and Rodriguez was asked to imagine a scenario in which he had to do the same.

    "Only if they were really talented, but it is tough at any position, but certainly that position is probably a little bit tougher," he said. "Which would you rather have, talent or experience? Give me talent because experience will come, but if you had your druthers, give me both.

    "They are talented. They are very, very talented. They have gotten better now that they are eight, nine games in; you can see that their experience is starting to take shape.

  • In a move that does not surprise anyone, Arizona has decided to redshirt freshman Luca Bruno, who missed a lot of time waiting to get cleared.

    "He missed so much time that it was basically like starting over, so he is on scout team now," Rodriguez said.

  • UCLA may have the most talented set of linebackers that the Wildcats will see all year.

    "You're talking about Myles Jack, who is a tremendous freshman and will be a first rounder," Rodriguez said. "Jordan Zumwalt has been there forever and is a great player. We didn't block those guys at all last year and (Anthony) Barr, that was his first year.

    "They are really talented. Their athleticism, you can see it. Fundamentally we have to be really, really good. We have worked on that a little extra this week, but we'll see what happens Saturday night."

  • Brett Hundley has been somewhat inconsistent as of late, but Rodriguez feels he is better than he was last season.

    "Just more experienced," Rodriguez said. "I think he understands the system better, it's his second year of Coach Mazzone's system. I think he knows where to go with the ball quicker and you see that with any quarterback with his maturation. He is more decisive and you can see that with Brett."

  • Hundley is another dual-threat quarterback that Arizona will see and stopping him will require discipline.

    "Not only eye discipline, but scheme discipline where if you have a certain area you have to make sure you cover that before you go help," Rodriguez said.

    "I wasn't really happy with our pursuit last week and I have been on our guys, but they need to make sure they pursue smartly. They have to cover their tail first and then pursue this week because of some of the things Hundley can do to you."

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