UCLA a statement game for Carey

Ka'Deem Carey believes that Saturday's contest with UCLA is a statement game. Read on to see why, how he is feeling at this point of the season, and more.

Ka'Deem Carey seems like a guarantee to run for 100 yards every time out.

However, last season against UCLA was the last time that Carey failed to hit that 100-yard mark.

"I didn't even realize that," Carey said. "To bring that to my attention now, I have a lot to prove. I am excited to show them how developed I am since last year and go out and have fun."

Carey can't help but to think about last year's embarrassing loss, but he also thinks about the year before that when Arizona dominated UCLA in similar fashion.

"Yes, I think about that just as much as I think about the year before, my freshman year," he said. "What we did to them at home, I think about that just as much as last year.

"You have to go out there and be ready to play and if you are not ready, you can see on both sides what can happen."

The coaching staff will likely give Carey as many opportunities possible to have success and he knows that it is the most he has touched the ball in his career.

"Actually it is just because we're at a higher level, we're in the Pac-12," Carey said. "It's competition out here. Back in Pop Warner, it was only like 15 (carries), 300 yards you're done. High school, you're done by halftime, so definitely the biggest workload."

Although Carey had some ankle issues against Cal, he has stayed healthy throughout the season.

"I am holding up pretty good," he said. "I prepared myself. The coaches told me to add the weight and prepare myself for a season that was going to be a great one with the talent we have out here; just protect yourself so you can last throughout the season."

If Carey and his teammates are going to be able to take that next big step, it will require a victory over UCLA on Saturday.

"This is a statement just because this is the Pac-12," Carey said. "We're trying to make that championship. This is a game that we have to have for it.

"For them too, they have to handle this game and they are trying to do the same thing we are trying to do."

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