Mistakes cost Arizona against UCLA

UCLA defeated Arizona 31-26 on Saturday night. Read on for a complete recap of the game.

Arizona gave it a good effort against UCLA Saturday night at Arizona Stadium, but could not overcome mistakes and a 120-yard performance from Myles Jack, as it lost 31-26.

Arizona started on its own 25-yard line with a seven-yard pass from B.J. Denker to Terrence Miller. Ka'Deem Carey followed with a 2, 3, 1, and 7-yard carry to keep the Wildcats moving. On the next play, Denker hit Miller for 10 yards and followed it up with a nine-yard run. After a four-yard run by Carey, the drive basically stalled and Arizona settled for a 44-yard field goal by Jake Smith to go up 3-0 with 10:58 left in the first quarter.

It only took one play for the Bruins to answer, as Brett Hundley found Shaquelle Evans for the 66-yard touchdown with the extra point putting the Bruins up 7-3 with 10:41 left on the clock.

Taking over on its own 25, Denker found Nate Phillips for 21 yards and Carey picked up 17 on the ground. Two plays later, Carey gained four and Denker got the first down with an 11-yard run. The Bruins then forced a fourth and short, but the Wildcats could not get it and UCLA took over on its own 15.

Damien Thigpen started the drive with a four-yard run and after a four-yard pass to Darius Bell, Thigpen picked up the first with a five-yard gain. Jordan Payton followed with an 11-yard completion and Paul Perkins got 11 on the ground. Two plays later, Hundley ran for 17 yards and then Arizona actually forced a 3rd and 14, but Hundley connected with Evans for 15 yards and the first.

After a short pass to Devin Fuller, Hundley scored on the ground from 15 yards out as the extra point put the Bruins up 14-3 with 1:23 left in the first quarter.

Arizona got absolutely nothing going on its ensuing drive despite picking up one first down and punted, giving UCLA possession on its own 23-yard line. Right before the end of the quarter, Hundley hit Bell for a three-yard game as it ended with the Bruins up 14-3.

After a three-yard run by Devin Lucien, UCLA went for a fake punt and was stopped, giving the Wildcats the ball on the UCLA 25.

From the 25, Denker ran for 16 yards and Carey followed with five more on the ground. On the next play, he scored from four yards out with the extra point bringing the Wildcats to within 14-10 with 12:55 left in the second quarter.

UCLA found itself in a third down situation on the next drive, but converted with a 29-yard pass to Myles Jack. That would be all the Bruins could get, however, as Tra'Mayne Bondurant's sack forced a UCLA punt.

Arizona could not get anything going and went three and out, giving UCLA the ball on its own 26-yard line. The Wildcats proceeded to do the same thing against the Bruins, forcing a three and out and taking over on its own 36.

Once again, the Wildcats went three and out, as UCLA started its drive on its own ten. Thigpen gained six and four yards before Perkins got two on the ground. After a short run by Hundley, Payton caught a six-yard pass. Perkins picked up the first with a 10-yard run followed by four more on the ground from Hundley.

Perkins proceeded to gain five on the ground and jack followed with four more. Linebacker Jordan Zumwalt got in on the action with a 12-yard reception and then jack gained 13 on the ground followed by an eight-yard run.

Hundley gained six on the ground to get to Arizona's eight-yard line and two plays later, got four on the ground. On third and goal from the four, Hundley found Evans for the touchdown with the extra point putting the Bruins up 21-10 at the half.

Starting on its own 25, Fuller got a six-yard pass. Perkins then ran for three and Bell picked up the first down with a two-yard run. Three plays later, Hundley found Evans for 12 yards on third down. On the next play, Thomas Duarte gained 38 through the air. The UA defense then stood up, forcing UCLA into a 34-yard field goal as the Bruins took a 24-10 lead with 10:30 left in the third.

Needing an answer, Arizona started with a four-yard run by Denker. He then completed a 16-yard pass to Miller and ran for 13 on the next play. Samajie Grant proceeded to catch a five-yard pass and Carey followed with six on the ground on the next play.

Denker hit Phillips for nine and two plays later gained five on a run. Grant then caught his second ball, going for four yards. After a 14-yard pass to Richards, it looked like Carey would score, but he fumbled at the goal line and gave the Bruins possession.

Arizona quickly got the ball back with a three and out, getting it at its own 33-yard line. The Wildcats got absolutely nothing going due to an offensive pass interference call on first down and the Bruins got possession on their own 31 with 4:26 left in the third quarter.

On the first play from scrimmage, Thigpen fumbled and gave the Wildcats the ball on the UCLA 28. Denker gained 15 yards on first down and followed with five more. After a four-yard run by Carey, the drive stalled and UA settled for a 27-yard field goal that cut the UCLA lead to 24-13 with 2:15 left in the third.

UCLA took the ball on its own 20-yard line and started with a 28-yard pass to Devin Lucien. Hundley was then forced into a one-yard loss and after a five-yard pass to Payton, was stopped short of the first down, giving Arizona the ball on its own 12.

Carey took the first play 22 yards and then got seven yards combined on the next two carries. Both teams exchanged holding calls, with UCLA's giving Arizona a first down on what would have been a missed third down conversion.

On first down, Carey ran for eight and then 24 yards before Jenkins came in and gained five and three. Denker then found Phillips for a 15-yard touchdown, but a failed two-point conversion kept the score at 24-19 in favor of the Bruins with 11:46 left in regulation.

Arizona was able to force a third and short but, once again, Jack bailed out the Bruins and went 66 yards for the touchdown, as the extra point put the Bruins up 31-19 with 10:46 left.

Denker found Miller for 13 yards on first down from the 25 and Carey followed with three on the ground. UCLA was then called for a late hit and after four yards from Carey, Phillips caught a 12-yard pass.

Denker proceeded to gain five on the ground and then found Richards for eight. After a loss by Carey, Denker connected with Phillips for a 14-yard touchdown with the extra point making it 31-26 in favor of the Bruins with 8:02 left.

Arizona forced a three and out due in large part to an offensive holding and took the ball on its own 28-yard line with 6:06 left in regulation.

Both teams exchanged possessions and Arizona took over on its own 12 with 2:33 and a chance to win the game. Denker was able to gain three yards on the ground on first down, but threw an interception on fourth down to seal the Bruins' win.

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