Miller difference in PJC's recruitment

Loyola coach Jamal Adams is confident in Parker Jackson-Cartwright's future.Read on to see why, his thoughts on why Sean Miller made the difference, and more.

Two words break down why Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola point guard Parker Jackson-Cartwright chose Arizona over a slew of elite programs: Sean Miller

"The reason Parker is going to Arizona is because of Sean Miller," said Jackson Cartwright's high school coach, Jamal Adams. "Point guards tend to have kindred spirits and see things through the same prism. Plus Miller was a tremendous player with a great head for the game and that is something that Parker can relate to."

In addition, Jackson-Cartwright feels Arizona gives him an opportunity to win a title.

"He also wants to compete for a national championship and the players that Coach Miller brings in will ensure that they will always be competing for championships," Adams said.

Adams also believes Jackson-Cartwright's physical tools will surprise observers.

"The thing that is overlooked about Parker is his athleticism," Adams said. "He's never going to be a guy who drives down the middle and dunks it over three guys, but his quickness and unique floor balance allows him to spin off physical defenders and before you know it he's setting a guy up for an easy shot. That is one of the things that Coach Miller quickly noticed."

However, it's not Jackson-Cartwright's physical tools that set him apart.

"It's an overused term, but Parker has an incredibly high basketball IQ," Adams said. "He sees things before they develop and he's always had that unique ability."

Adams is of the opinion that Jackson-Cartwright's play will entice other players to come to Arizona.

"He's just a natural leader who kids gravitate towards and it's easy to see why kids would want to play with him, because they know if they get open they will get the ball," Adams said.

Although Adams has enjoyed coaching Jackson-Cartwright, he has enjoyed his companionship even more.

"I just love the little guy," Adams said. "He's such a great kid and was brought up by a strong family and it just shows. I'm sure four years from now Coach Miller will feel the same way I do."

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