11/20 Football Notebook

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday. Read on for his thoughts on the seniors, Oregon's defense, and more.

  • Rich Rodriguez likes to do numerous activities for his seniors and those will likely get going on Thursday.

    "I think it will start hitting them more tomorrow (Thursday) because we do a little something with them tomorrow," Rodriguez said. "The senior players, managers, trainers, and kind of introduce them at the end of practice tomorrow. I think they will get a little more sense of it tomorrow and then our Friday night video is kind of dedicated to them too."

  • Some coaches may want their players to avoid the emotion of playing their last home game, but Rodriguez wants the opposite.

    "I want them to get a little emotional," he said. "They should. I think it is a big deal. I've told them I think it is the greatest honor as a college football player, is to compete through your senior year. I don't know how many guys came in with this class, but I bet there is quite a few out here and they made it through with the transition in coaches."

  • On Tuesday, Rodriguez said he was proud of Ka'Deem Carey and he echoed those sentiments for B.J. Denker on Wednesday.

    "We got after him hard, Coach Smith and I, from August and even spring practice and August camp and everything," Rodriguez said. "He's gotten better and I think he has been a good leader. For a second year player I am really proud of how he has performed."

  • Oregon is known for being aggressive on offense, but the defense is aggressive in a variety of ways as well.

    "Oregon will blitz them from everywhere," Rodriguez said. "They are a big edge pressure team, they will blitz from the outside. The key to that is they have guys that can cover on the back end and their backers are really fast, so they get through there fast. Oregon might be the fastest team in the country on both sides."

  • Stanford showed the receipt for success against Oregon and when Rodriguez was asked about employing that same strategy, he laughed.

    "Unless we can somehow get ten linemen to transfer in here in the next couple days and look like theirs, we can't run what they run," he said. "They shortened the game and it worked out well for them, but we're not built like they are."

  • Many feel that Arizona needs to play a perfect game to have a chance against Oregon, but Rodriguez does not necessarily feel that is the case.

    "We can't certainly put a lot of imperfect scenarios in it," he said. "We can't play poorly and win, that's for sure. We showed that last week. Do we have to be perfect? No, but we have to have some things go right and they have to help us a little bit, which can happen. We don't have to play perfect, but we have to play really hard and execute and then hope they help us."

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