Pitts working to get acclimated

Elliott Pitts continues to work to get back from a wrist injury. Read on to see how he feels now, what he has improved on, and more.

Before the season started, Elliott Pitts was a player that many felt would redshirt in order to gain weight and be able to contribute at a high level next season.

Instead, both Pitts and the coaching staff feel that he is capable of producing this season, thus the redshirt was never much of a possibility.

"I think we both knew from the beginning that I wanted to contribute as much as I could this year and we talked about that," Pitts said.

The season got off to somewhat of a rocky start for Pitts as he battled a wrist injury that kept him from playing in the first few games.

"I hurt it two weeks ago," Pitts said. I" only missed about two or three practice and then a couple games. It is a little bit different playing with the wrist tape and everything, but I am getting used to it."

Pitts may not be completely healthy yet, but he is continuing to get better not only with his health, but with his ability as well.

"I feel a lot better the past couple days just coming off injury," he said. "Being on the sideline and kind of seeing the game from a different angle has definitely helped too. I am just excited to get better every day."

When Pitts and the coaching staff made the decision for him to play this season, Pitts knew that he would have to work hard to get minutes.

"Just coming in practice every day I know I have to be at my best and that is what I try to do every day," Pitts said. "Competition is tough, but I think that is better because I can personally get better playing against the best competition."

As Pitts continues to practice, he says he has already seen the results of his hard work.

"The part I really think I have gotten better at is that my shot is looking better," Pitts said. "I found that again. I am getting used to the strength of the game, which is something I kind of struggled with when I first got here, but I have kind of gotten used to it."

With Jabari Parker and Aaron Gordon being the two most highly recognized freshmen names going to New York, Pitts is hopeful that the New York trip will be a launching point of sorts.

"It's fun seeing them on ESPN and everything like that and seeing how great they are doing," Pitts said. "I am excited to see that and it is exciting to finally get this going."

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