Tarczewski excited for opportunity

Arizona is headed to New York to play Drexel on Wednesday. Read on to see what Kaleb Tarczewski thinks of the opportunity and more.

Arizona is off to a dominating start, but the Wildcats are not taking anything for granted. Kaleb Tarczewski, for example, realizes what lies ahead at Madison Square Garden in the next few days.

"I think it is a great opportunity for us as a team to get better and prove ourselves against some great competition in Drexel," Tasrczewski said. "I think if we honor the process and do everything we can it is a great opportunity for us."

Tarczewski is not hiding the fact that Arizona is excited to play in a place that many feel is one of the pillars of basketball.

"It's playing at Madison Square Garden," he said. "It's one of the birthplaces of basketball. If you are a basketball player you want to play in Madison Square Garden, so I think we are all really excited to get over there. This is a great tournament and there is potential to play some great teams."

Often times, Madison Square Garden has acted as a place for players to make a name for themselves and Tarczewski says Arizona will be looking to do something similar.

"Playing at Madison Square Garden is obviously one of the biggest stages you can play on as a basketball player," Tarczewski said. "I think we really cherish the opportunities we have to prove ourselves as a team on the biggest stage under the brightest lights, so I think we are all looking forward to proving how good our team is."

As far as Arizona is concerned, the general belief is that going on the road to San Diego State will help ready the Wildcats for another road environment.

"We look at the San Diego State game as our first true road test and going to a great environment like that is an opportunity to kind of calm ourselves down and be able to play other tough road games," Tarczewski said. "That was an important step for us to hopefully go into Madison Square Garden to be more relaxed and calm and play our type of basketball."

Tarczewski is not the only one excited to be attending an Arizona game at Madison Square Garden.

"Hopefully tons of family and friends are coming because it is the first time I have been anywhere close to my home on the east coast, so I think a lot of people are excited to see me play," he said.

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