UA looks to advance in NIT Season Tip-Off

Arizona is set to take on Drexel for the right to play in the final of the NIT Season Tip-Off. Read on for a complete preview, including Sean Miller's thoughts on the Dragons.

Arizona will take on Drexel at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday as it attempts to advance to the final of the NIT Season Tip-Off.

Many Arizona fans are focused on Duke, but Arizona head coach Sean Miller is quick to point out that if his team does the same, advancing likely will not happen.

"They are a team that is going to win 20 or more games and I believe they will be in this year's NCAA tournament," Miller said. "For us, if we go to Madison Square Garden with anything else on our mind, we're going to be in the consolation game on Friday. We won't be in the championship game."

Drexel defeated Rutgers to get to this point and the only blemish on its record is a close season-opening loss at UCLA.

"Drexel is three and one," Miller said. "Out of the four games they have played, they have played three road games. They have three 1,000 point scorers.

"I watched them at Rutgers, I've watched them play at Illinois State, I've watched them play at UCLA. They could have beaten UCLA at UCLA and we all know how good UCLA is this year."

The Dragons average 71 points per game with 56 of them coming from three stars and a key bench contributor in forward Tavon Allen.

"Chris Fouch, Damion Lee, and Tavon Allen and Frantz Massenat could start or play in the rotation on every team in high major basketball," Miller said. "They're not pretty good, they're really good."

Drexel may not shoot at a high percentage, but could pose problems for Arizona because of its overall toughness, especially on the defensive end.

"For us, our whole focus going to New York City is to be at our best Wednesday against Drexel," Miller said. "They are disciplined as a team, older, experienced, well-coached. They have a toughness about them that I wish and hope we can get, but we don't have the toughness that they have right now because they are much more experienced and seasoned than we are."

Miller and his players have been comparing Wednesday's game against Drexel to the San Diego State game earlier this season. This time around, however, Miller is actually hoping that the Wildcats play better.

"It is going to be, in my opinion, the same type of game we played at San Diego State and I hope we are a better team in Madison Square Garden than we were then, because we're going to need to be," he said.

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