11/26 Football Notebook

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Tuesday. Read on for his thoughts on B.J. Denker, in-state recruiting, and more.

  • Arizona quarterback B.J. Denker has put together a solid senior year, but it was easy to see why he was not recruited much coming out of high school and the junior college ranks.

    "Out of high school he was about 145 pounds and probably looked like a bowler or something," Rich Rodriguez said. "Out of junior college he was maybe up to 165 pounds. His film was okay, we thought he had a chance after watching him, but we did not know for sure until we got him and he has worked really hard the past two years."

  • Often times, a rivalry game is decided on a mistake or a player stepping up more than usual and Rodriguez attributes much of that to nerves.

    "I think there is always more drama leading up to it," Rodriguez said. "In the game itself, you usually have to calm guys down because emotions get the best of them and I am sure this rivalry, without looking at all of the games in the past, that has been the case and things get chippy and all that."

  • Rodriguez does not believe that one game decides a recruitment, but admits that it helps in the overall view of a program.

    "I think more relevant than the game, they look at the program as a whole," he said. "What's the direction of the program, how they fit in, and all that. I can't speak for them, but I know we have had a huge emphasis in-state and we think we are making great inroads.

    "From that perspective it is important, but I don't think it is nearly as important as some recruiting experts may think."

  • Ideally, having a successful program will help keep the top players in-state, which has not been the norm for quite some time now.

    "I hope for us, we are planning on it," Rodriguez said. "For us, we want the best players in-state to come to U of A and we don't see any reason why they wouldn't now. Particularly with the new facility, direction of the program, we think this is the best option for all of the in-state kids, but I'm biased."

  • Trey Griffey has emerged as a legitimate threat on offense and Rodriguez attributes it to the amount of work he has done.

    "It really started with Trey on special teams," he said. "He's shown some physicality in some of his special teams, so we though what the heck, he is physically ready and he is aggressive, so let's throw him out there. He has done really well for us."

  • Not only is it near the end of the season for the players seeing action, but the freshmen redshirting as well.

    "Most young guys probably expect to be redshirted," Rodriguez said. "A few maybe come in there. It seems like a long year for a lot of guys, but for most guys that redshirt it is usually pretty productive as far as getting stronger and knowing the system."

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