Carey embraces rivalry significance

ka'Deem Carey knows what Saturday's game with Arizona State means. Read on to see what it is, his thoughts on being a finalist for the Doak Walker, and more.

Ka'Deem Carey has been around Tucson long enough to know not to play down the rivalry between Arizona and Arizona State.

"This is the game right here, this is the championship really when you look at it," Carey said. "With ASU having a good season and us having a good season, this says it all really. Who the best is in Arizona and who had the better season.

"That is what sucks about it really, you can go undefeated and clearly have the better season, but if you lose this game, you can clearly say whoever won it had the better season."

The pressure to win Saturday does not just come from within for Carey, as he says most people he sees are quick to remind him of the significance.

"It's crazy, we're playing Oregon last week and I am hearing about ASU this week," Carey said. "Forget this game, worry about the ASU game. I'm like what do you mean? We have to take one game at a time.

"Just to come here this week and have people rallying up and spray painting our stuff, it is exciting. You have to get up for this."

Nothing could have prepared Carey for his first rivalry game and he is telling the current freshmen the same thing.

"When the older guys tried to tell me about it as a freshman, I was raised here and I knew about the rivalry, when the older guys told me about the rivalry I couldn't understand," he said. "Until I went there and saw people banging, ripping on shirts, and screaming and spitting on you, I was thinking they must really hate us and I never really noticed it was like that before."

In the midst of preparing for Arizona State, Carey was named one of the three finalists for the Doak Walker Award.

"That was pretty big," Carey said. "I know I did not make it last year, but to make it this year means I have opened up some eyes this year and that is pretty good." That is how it is supposed to go. I guess we are the road team and we're going to make no change to it. I am excited because that's how it has been

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