Johnson excited to get to Tucson

T.J. Johnson is a familiar name to Arizona fans and he is excited to arrive in Tucson in the near future. Read on to see how he got to this point, how he is preparing, and more.

It took New Berlin (NY) Milford Academy athlete T.J. Johnson a little longer to get to Arizona than he originally expected, but he's working hard knowing that his goal of becoming a major college football player is in sight.

"I've been focusing on blocking, flexibility and just getting stronger," Johnson said. "The coaches want me to be ready when I get there in January and I'm doing everything possible to make sure that happens."

Johnson has also been working hard in the classroom.

"I'm at an academy right now just making sure my grades are in order," he said. "I've been hitting the books hard because being eligible is the most important thing. If that doesn't happen I can lift all the weights I want and it won't matter."

Considering he is a mid-year transfer, Johnson figures to have a leg up on the rest of the incoming recruits.

"Mentally, I'm already in Tucson," Johnson said. "I‘ve been talking with the UA coaches and even though this season was up and down, you could tell by the Oregon game that the program isn't that far away.

"Destroying a team like that really speaks a lot as to where the program is headed."

One of the factors that still draws Johnson to Arizona is how the coaching staff deals with him.

"I love talking to the coaches because they're just so enthusiastic and everything they say you can tell they mean it," Johnson said. "That was one of the first things that attracted me to the school."

Johnson is also looking forward to getting his academic career started.

"I want to be involved in sports the rest of my life," he said. "If I'm not playing football somewhere after college I want to be a personal trainer or something.

"Pushing the body in training is something that I can see myself doing after graduating."

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