Cloy counting down the days

Arizona commit Darrell Cloy has been following the Wildcats closely this season. Read on for his thoughts on what he has seen, his future role, and more.

As the clock winds down on La Habra (Calif.) tight end Darrell Cloy's high school life, he looks back at a career where he feels he accomplished a lot, but is still expecting more success at the next level.

"Our season went well," Cloy said. "I was happy with how I played and I don't really have any regrets. We got to the quarterfinals and overall everybody played well, but as of now other things are on my mind."

While he wants to enjoy the rest of his senior year, Cloy is eagerly anticipating his arrival at the UA. The Oregon game sent his enthusiasm into overdrive.

"It hasn't been a secret that I've wanted to be a Wildcat for quite awhile and I loved the progress they were making, but that Oregon game was just on another level," Cloy said. "Coach Rodriguez had the Ducks so out of their game plan it was just crazy.

"You watch an Oregon game and you're so used to them dictating how the game will go, but Coach Rodriguez reversed that. They were so confused and after a while it just looked like they gave up and didn't want to be there."

Cloy believes that game can be a springboard for bigger things.

"There are good players right now, but they will be even more talented once coach gets all of his guys in there," he said. "I'm just happy they liked me and it was cool because they let me know early on that I was a priority for them."

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound Cloy has discussed the coaches' plans to utilize his skills. "They see me as a Terrence Miller-type player," Cloy said. "I can line up in multiple spots or stay in to block if they need. There are so many moving parts in that offense that I could be anywhere.

"Basically, I'm counting down the days until I'm there and I can start diving into the playbook."

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