A closer look: Bowl Scenarios

Arizona's bowl situation is not figured out yet, but there are numerous options. Read on to see what the main ones are, the likely opponent for each one, and more.

Arizona is only days away from finding out what bowl it is playing in, but there are numerous scenarios at play. There is some concern among Arizona fans that the Wildcats could miss out on a bowl, but that is not going to happen. The following is a look at the bowls, in order, that Arizona is in play for with a note that there are a few others that we are not able to talk about as of now.

Independence Bowl, December 31, Shreveport, La.

This bowl normally has a spot for the 10th team in the SEC, but two of Auburn, Alabama, and Missouri are going to go to a BCS bowl. What this means is that there is going to be a spot up for grabs to face a team from the ACC.

Likely opponents: Boston College or Georgia Tech

Why it makes sense: If it is Boston College, it makes a ton of sense. Ka'Deem Carey vs. Andre Williams? Sign us up. You have the two best running backs in the country going head to head and plenty of time leading up to the game to debate it. Arizona also gets the extra practices and goes into a part of the country where it likes to recruit a bit. Looking at all of the possibilities, this one makes the most sense to all parties involved.

Heart of Dallas, Jan. 1, Dallas, Tex.

The Big-10 is likely to get two BCS teams unless something dramatic happens, so it will be unable to fill this bowl spot. This does not have to go to a Pac-12 team and we can see Syracuse and Pittsburgh being options as well.

Likely opponent: Rice

Why it makes sense: Once again, the extra practice comes into play. Arizona does not recruit in Texas, but there are enough fans there to draw a decent number for the game. Rice is likely an opponent Arizona can beat, but this game probably would not have the national reach of the others. Really, the biggest reason it makes sense is because there are just limited options.

New Mexico Bowl, December 21, Albuquerque, NM

This is the last available bowl spot for the Pac-12 and the bowl basically has to choose between three teams at this point.

Likely opponent: San Diego State

Why it makes sense: Arizona did not draw a great crowd last season, but a lot of that had to do with the fact that it was on the same day as the Florida basketball game. The Wildcats played Nevada and had a remarkable comeback that put a ton of attention on the bowl. With the game likely being against San Diego State, Arizona alumni in that area are more likely to travel.

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