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Arizona's season is continuing in anticipation of the AdvocareV100 Bowl. Read on for Rich Rodriguez's thoughts on the location of the game, Ka'Deem Carey, and more.

  • Playing in Shreveport for the AdvocareV100 Bowl will allow Rich Rodriguez and company to see some old faces during the week leading up to the game.

    "Coach Magee and I and a couple of the coaches know the state pretty well from our experiences there, so we are hoping to run into some of our old friends," Rodriguez said. "It's a good football town. I know they will do a good job with our players enjoying their experience and the main thing is that we are focused when we go down there and try to play a good game."

  • Ka'Deem Carey was recently named the Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year and it is certainly no surprise to the man that coached him throughout the season.

    "Well deserved," Rodriguez said. "I think he is the best back in the country and there's a couple really good ones, including the one we are going to play. He does it within the framework of the offense, he practices hard, he's just been a real joy to coach.

    "To back up the year he had last year with what I think in a lot of ways is an even better year even though the numbers may not be as good, is a testament. I think the coaches that vote on the player of the year know his impact. He has had a tremendous impact for us and we have rode him pretty hard in a lot of the game."

  • Fans usually talk about the recruiting implications related to the location of a bowl game, but Rodriguez believes that storyline is overblown.

    "I think a lot of times where you play your bowl game has no consequence at all on recruiting," he said. "Maybe in Florida in an area where you have a lot of Florida recruits or in California or something, but I think for the most part, recruits are watching it on TV anyway.

    "You can't give them free tickets to the bowl game, so I don't think that really makes a big impact. I do think they watch the games because they want to see what kind of style of football that you have, so it is important you play your type of football."

  • In the past week or so, the Pac-12 has added new coach in Steve Sarkisian at USC and Chris Petersen at Washington.

    "I was watching a little bit because we play them both," Rodriguez said. "Sark has done a really good job and he is a Southern California guy, so he will do a great job there. Obviously, Chris Petersen has been one of the top coaches for several years in the country.

    "I wish he didn't go, I wish he stayed at Boise," Rodriguez added with a chuckle. "Washington has good resources and they have a good situation there. There's a lot of good programs in this league and I think our league staff wise, not just the head coach, staff wise what those coaching staffs put together in our league I think is second to none."

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