Arizona's size too much for Michigan

There were numerous factors that led to Arizona's win over Michigan on Saturday. Read on to see what Sean Miller says they are, his thoughts on the meaning of the game, and more.

After Saturday's win over Michigan, it was clear that not only was Arizona coach Sean Miller pleased with the victory, but he was happy with the game as a whole and the fact that it was even played.

"Obviously it is a lot easier to be excited about a game when you're the winner, but that really felt like an incredible battle, a great college basketball game here in December," Miller said. "I can't say enough about Michigan, how well coached they are, the style that they play.

"It's been a long time since I have been here in Crisler and it's amazing what an atmosphere now exists in this building. For us to come like we did from the west today and overcome a lot of things, mostly overcome a really good team and a great environment, we leave here very excited and knowing that this was as quality of a win as you can have in the country.

"The home and away games are so meaningful. I felt like today, we were going to be better if we won, we were going to be better if we lost because we played the game."

Arizona was down going into the half due mostly to the fact that Glen Robinson III was the best player on the court.

"At halftime we were down nine points in large part because Glen Robinson had an incredible first half," Miller said. "You look at the stat sheet and the one thing that was out of order was that he didn't miss."

Miller made the decision to put Aaron Gordon on Robinson in the second half and it paid off right away, as he only got off two field goal attempts.

"Aaron is long, determined, and I thought he did a really good job individually," Miller said. "Our team did a good job guarding him. Stauskas is a terrific player and Nick Johnson, if you watched the game, I think that Nick is one of the premier defensive players that plays and he made Stauskas earn his baskets. From a defensive perspective, I know the percentage Michigan shot was good, but I thought we had a lot of will."

In addition, Arizona was not doing a good job of converting on its dominance of the offensive glass.

"The other thing is that we are a great offensive rebounding team, that's our strength," Miller said. "In the first half we had nine second shots and scored two points. Michigan has deceptive strength. They don't have a center maybe or a power forward that's real, real big.

"I know McGary is big, but their length is deceptive because their wings are tall and long. We felt that in the first half, we didn't convert.

"In the second half our shots in and around the basket, we really did a good job of connecting. I thought we didn't turn it over and got two point shots around the rim, we rebounded, and were fortunate to make that deficit up."

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