12/15 Football Notebook

Arizona's bowl practice is underway. Read on for notes about what is different, Austin Hill's status, and more.

  • Rich Rodriguez does things a little differently in the initial bowl practices, as he gives some of the younger guys extended reps.

    "Normally the reps are evenly split with the ones and twos," Rodriguez said. "Now it is ones twos, and threes all getting the same kind of reps.

    "We told them that we are definitely looking at some of the younger guys, some of the guys getting redshirted and giving them an opportunity to show a little bit what they can do and, more than anything, just teach."

  • Rodriguez was hesitant to name any younger players that have stood out, but hinted at how he feels about the incoming recruits.

    "Not so much where I could single someone out," he said. "We obviously have some redshirt receivers that have a chance to be pretty good and a couple of linemen. I like a couple of our young guys on defense a little bit, but we're going to have a big recruiting class coming in too. We're looking at anywhere from maybe seven to eight January enrollees, so we will have some new guys there too."

  • Anu Solomon is one player that a lot of Arizona fans have interest in, as it seems he is the favorite to be the quarterback next season.

    "He's done well," Rodriguez said. "I think he is a like a lot of guys with the redshirt year, you kind of go through it a little bit and it's hard to sit out, especially a guy that I think started all 40 games in high school.

    "His redshirt year is about over, so it is going to be time for him to compete for the job and I am looking forward to having a big spring from him and an important one for him."

  • It may not have been football, but Arizona was able to defeat Michigan in basketball on Saturday and Rodriguez admitted he enjoyed the outcome.

    "Coach Beilein was my neighbor at West Virginia, so we go way back," Rodriguez said. "They have a really good team, but I think Sean and his staff has done a phenomenal job. They are fun to watch because they play so hard on defense. I think we have one of the best, if not the best team in the country, so that was a good win."

  • it is unlikely that Austin Hill will play in the bowl game, but Rodriguez would not completely rule it out.

    "There could be (a possibility)," Rodriguez said. "He has done more. He is now, it's not live scrimmage situations, but almost live where he is going up and getting the ball. We're not hitting him or anything like that to him, but he looks a lot closer to being ready.

    "I don't know if at this point he is going to play in the last game or not, but I think he is away on his track to being 100 percent. He's gotten bigger in the upper body, so I think he is a little bit bigger and stronger.

    "He watched film and watched practice. He is kind of a student of the game, understands football anyway, so I expect him to have a huge year next year."

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