Fischer looking forward to facing Williams

Linebacker Jake Fischer is looking forward to facing Boston College and star running back Andre Williams. Read on to see what he says about Williams, preparing for the Eagles, and more.

Jake Fischer has the opportunity and challenge of going up against arguably the best running back in the country in Ka'Deem Carey every day in practice.

It's fitting that in the final game of his career, Fischer will have the challenge of facing the back that won the Doak Walker Award this season when Arizona faces Boston College and Andre Williams in the AdvocareV100 Bowl.

"I watched a little bit of film," Fischer said. "On the highlight tapes he looks incredible. He can run through guys, somehow find a crease every play."

Williams has plenty of speed, but his biggest asset may be his strength, which poses a challenge for any defense he goes up against.

"He's got strong legs," Fischer said. "When you have guys like that and try to tackle him up high, he's going to drive you a few extra yards if you don't hit him perfect. With guys like that, sometimes you have to hit him low, gang tackle, and everybody just has to try to get around him and bring him to the ground."

In addition to Williams, Boston College is a lot like Stanford in that it will constantly change formations and personnel.

"We're going to have our hands full and they do a lot of different things," Fischer said. "They put a lot of different personnel groups out on the field, they bring out an extra lineman to put them in at the fullback sometimes, they bring in extra tight ends.

"They can run up the gut, go outside, they can do whatever. We might have to tweak a few things to game plan for them, but we're going to come out and work."

Still, Fischer believes that the defense needs to approach this game just like it would any other.

"We're going to approach it like it is another game," he said. "We know they are going to try a couple of differences in their scheme and try to run downhill. They might try to throw some wrinkles, but we are going to have to put some things in to adjust to what they do also.

"After the first quarter, usually all of the stuff that they have changed and schemes they have put forth are out of the way, so we will know exactly what they will do. If we can handle the initial punch when they try some new things, we will be fine."

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