Hood playing for respect

Tevin Hood is never one to shy away from his thoughts. Read on to see how he feels about Andre Williams, the bowl game, and more.

Tevin Hood has never been one to mince words and it is no different as he prepares to play his final game in an Arizona uniform.

Whether it is his competition or Ka'Deem Carey not getting nominated for the Heisman, Hood has no issue with being vocal and honest.

Although Hood was quick to point out that he respects Boston College's Andre Williams, he also wanted to make it clear what he thought of Williams' competition.

"He's in the ACC," Hood said. "Personally, in my opinion, the ACC was weak this year. Duke made it to the title game. I'm not hating, have a lot of friends on that team, but let's be real. I think he put up good numbers and is definitely a physical back, but you also have to look at the competition.

"I'm not taking away from his abilities at all, but we like to think the Pac-12 and SEC are the best conferences in the nation. The ACC may be second, may be third, but not on par with us."

The attention that Williams and other running backs are getting over Carey is an indication to Hood that players out west may not get the attention that they deserve.

"I don't want to step on anyone's toes or ruffle anyone's feathers, but there are definitely athletes out here," Hood said. "Someone like Ka'Deem or you look at Trent Murphy as a defensive player, we have players that can compete at that level and are putting up numbers at that level and for them not to get recognized is a travesty, but it is part of the game."

The players have not talked at length about Carey not going to New York or winning the Doak Walker, but Hood believes it will act as extra motivation for the running back.

"It wasn't so much of a discussion," he said. "It's media hype to be honest, in our humble opinions. We think that played a role in it. At the same time, he comes to work every day, runs just as hard, and if anything I think it will motivate him more."

Beyond the postseason awards and such, Hood is able to look back at his career at Arizona with the belief that it was the start of something special.

"I think the two bowl games definitely shows the type of program he's building," Hood said of Rodriguez. "His philosophy as a coach, the hard edge mentality, come to play anybody any time. We put in the work and we try to reap the benefits of that.

"It will be nice one day to say we helped lay the foundation of the dynasty they formed, but we put in the blood, sweat, and tears now and hopefully one day will come back when they play as the number one ranked team in the nation."

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