McKnight excited to return home

Jonathan McKnight is returning to Louisiana for the final game of the season. Read on for his thoughts on the game, his season, and more.

Arizona cornerback Jonathan McKnight is headed home, or at least close to it, for the final game of the season.

The Louisiana native will be starting at corner for Arizona as it headed to Shreveport to take on Boston College.

"It feels nice," McKnight said. "I haven't been back playing football since my senior year, so it feels nice to play back in Shreveport. We used to play in Shreveport a lot because of schools like Evangel and other schools out there. We actually had a championship game in that stadium one time, so it feels good to be back there."

Although the game is a nice opportunity for McKnight to see some friends and family that will be making the trip, it also represents a step forward for the program.

"It's important because the coaches came here with the mindset of winning bowl games and eventually making the Rose Bowl," he said. "We aren't at the Rose Bowl yet obviously, but to just make the bowl game period is good. It's good to get everything moving with another bowl game."

The bowl also gives McKnight an opportunity to keep working on improving individually, which is something he feels he needs to continue to do.

"I played alright this season," he said. "I was off and on. I kind of worked on my game more off the mistakes I made this year. It is good to get the extra practices and end the season with a bowl game like this, so next year I can come back stronger than I was this year."

McKnight also feels that the defense as a whole is going to improve and while he may not be looking ahead, he knows that will start with camp.

"We're going to make an improvement every year," McKnight said. "Every year we are going to come ready for camp and try to get better."

The defense was considerably better this season and much of that has to do with how comfortable the players were.

"I feel like a lot of guys got familiar with the system and how the coaches coach, so we just felt more free instead of focusing on learning everything and going through the motions," McKnight said.

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