Wildcats not satisfied with win

Despite the win, Aaron Gordon and Nick Johnson were not completely happy on Thursday. Read on to see why that is and more.

Arizona defeated Southern 69-43 on Thursday night and although there were plenty of positives to take away from the win, the general thought among the players available after the game is that there is still plenty of room to improve.

"We feel like in the second half we gave them a little bit too many second shots," Nick Johnson said. "I feel like we could have been better on that. Just guards getting in there, rebounding, not fouling as much. Overall we are heading in the right direction."

One of the main challenges with rebounding on Thursday was the fact that the Wildcats were without Kaleb Tarczewski due to an ankle injury.

"Kaleb is a big body down low that takes up a lot of space and as far as rebounding and really our rim protector," Johnson said. "We definitely want to get better at that, but we had a decent game."

Aaron Gordon agreed with Johnson, saying that missing Tarczewski definitely had a negative affect on the team.

"He's a big part of our team," Gordon said. "He is an important asset, so if you are missing one piece of the puzzle, it is going to hurt us."

In addition to only winning the rebounding margin by six, Arizona struggled at the line, going 22-37 on the game. One of the main culprits of that statistic was Aaron Gordon, who shot 4-10.

"My shot is fine," he said. "I feel like my mechanics are good. I think I just need to pick a pot on the rim and just go for it. I think I am thinking about it a little too much. It's something I am not worried about.

"Before shoot around, we have to shoot 100 free-throws and I made 85 of them, so it is not something I am worried about. I know I am going to continue to improve and I am improving as we speak."

When Gordon did make a free-throw, he got a standing ovation. Instead of taking it as an insult, Gordon chose to laugh it off.

"It is pretty much a realization that I am not making any free-throws when I get a standing ovation when I make a free-throw," he said. "It made me laugh, we have great fans and I know they are supportive of me."

Gordon led the Wildcats in scoring with 21 points, but was quick to point to his disappointment with his four rebounds.

"Scoring is always good, but I did not rebound well enough at all," he said. "I pride myself on rebounding and to have a rebounding performance like that doesn't make me feel like I had a good game.

"Once you get on the court, all of the distractions need to leave. I felt the same, but it is just a matter of me going and getting the rebound. That's really what it comes down to."

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