Cormier anxiously waiting his turn

Freshman running back Pierre Cormier is anxiously waiting for his turn next season. Read on for his thoughts on sitting out this year, replacing Ka'Deem Carey, and more.

The discussion around Arizona's running game this season has been based off what Ka'Deem Carey has done and rightfully so.

However, it is difficult to not look ahead to what Arizona has next season, especially if Carey decides to leave to the NFL.

One of the players that will be fighting for playing time is freshman Pierre Cormier, who admits that it is difficult to not get excited about next year.

"It is hard because we have such a good team coming back I think and we have a lot of potential that people outside our program don't know about," Cormier said. "Everyone in our locker room that is coming back next year is really excited about the future we have in this program."

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez often talks about the adjustment a star high school player has to go through when having to fight for his job in college.

Cormier agrees with Rodriguez that it was difficult, but chooses to look at the positive aspects of sitting out his freshman season.

"It was a little difficult for me at first during camp, but I accepted my role and I kind of looked at it as being a positive thing for me to get better physically, stronger, faster, learn the system faster, and adjust to the college speed," he said.

"I think it was a good thing for me to redshirt to sit back and kind of watch the best running back in the country doing what he does best."

The respect that Cormier has for Carey is due to numerous reasons, one of which is his ability to stay healthy.

"I personally don't think he gets enough credit for what he does," Cormier said. "I think it is great. Not everybody could do that, he is a freak of nature. For him to come out every Saturday and do what he does consistently for two years is real good and it is something I think that I am trying to work to at least get near that level."

In addition, Cormier has learned one major quality that seems to set Carey apart from the competition.

"Being hungry on the field," Cormier said. "The defense is going to try to take your head off, so why not try to do it to them too and turning into a different person once you get between the lines."

It would be understandable if Cormier felt the pressure of having to match Carey when he leaves, but that is not the route Cormier chooses to go.

"Ka'Deem is his own person and I am my own person, so I just have to understand we are two different people," he said. "He is still someone I can look up to for certain things, but I can't get caught up in trying to live up to him. I have to do my own thing and take in the coaching I am getting and be a good teammate."

Cormier will not be the only back competing for playing time next year, but his fellow redshirt freshman Zach Green is a player he feel complements him.

"Me and Zach are a good combination," Cormier said. "You don't really see that too much in a backfield where you have a shifty guy like myself and a guy who can just run through people.

"I think we understand that both of us in the back field can be very special in this offense. We encourage each other and push each other and I think it is going to show next year."

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