Freshman season humbles Solomon

Anu Solomon has redshirted this season and admits it has humbled him. Read on to see why, his thoughts on next season, and more.

Anu Solomon went to starting every game of his career at Bishop Gorman to redshirting at Arizona. The freshman quarterback believes he has learned a lot from the experience.

"It is a humbling experience for me going out there and not playing," Solomon said. "I wish I could be out there, but you just have to sit down and wait a year and compete the next year."

Solomon does not hide the fact that he believed he could come in and start, as he feels he needs to set his goals high.

"Of course it was realistic," he said. "I am going to set my goals high because if I don't set them higher then I can't achieve them."

One aspect of his game that Solomon worked on was simply getting stronger and he has done just that.

"I have gained weight," he said. "I came here at 190 and now I am like 205. They definitely put a lot of body mass on me. I am a lot stronger and need to keep getting stronger."

Next season, there will be an open quarterback competition and Solomon is considered to be the favorite. He acknowledges that belief and admits that it may also add some pressure to the race.

"There is pressure of course, but there are some traits I have to work on, like leadership," Solomon said. "Just going out there and being able to tell guys what to do, yelling at them, being in control of the game."

It comforts Solomon knowing that there have been plenty of quarterbacks that have taken the same route he is currently on.

"I look up to them," he said. "Winston, Manziel, Mariota, all the guys like that. They are doing what I could do or what the other quarterbacks can do."

Looking ahead to next season, Solomon has an idea of what's in store for him and will meet it head on.

"Competitive, it's going to be real competitive with the transfers, freshmen, Connor, Jesse, Javelle, and Nick Isham," Solomon said.

"I am not going to look past them. They are one step ahead of me right now and I just need to get better and hit the weight room and film room."

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