Ashley confident in Arizona's ability

Brandon Ashley is confident in Arizona's ability on the road. Read on to see why, his thoughts on playing more minutes, and more.

Brandon Ashley is going to have his work cut out for him on Thursday, as his defensive assignments are likely going to vary between numerous players.

"Last year I guarded a mix of guys," Ashley said. "Both of the Wear twins, Kyle Anderson, Tony Parker at one point. It was a mix of guys."

Arizona has already played numerous road games and Ashley says that he and his teammates will not be intimidated by another road environment.

"We never felt like we shouldn't be confident going away," Ashley said. "It's a road game, but at the same time we consider ourselves road warriors. We want to go in and compete just like we would at home or anywhere else."

The personality and mental make-up of Arizona are the biggest reasons why the Wildcats do not seem to be faxed by hostile environments.

"I just think we have a good team," Ashley said. "We are close and have good chemistry, so when times get rough or hard we stick together and come out fighting. I think that has worked out well for us so far.."

Arizona had a bit of a different look when Kaleb Tarczewski was out with an ankle injury and Ashley feels that there may have been a positive aspect of the injury.

"It adds a different dimension for the team," he said. "You never want to have a player go down, but I think that injury first made us respect how much he does for this team and then second, give some people chances they may normally not get if he was here."

With Arizona's tightened rotation, there may be some concern about the extended minutes taking a toll. However, that is not something that the players are thinking about much.

"It's not really something you think about a whole lot," Ashley said. "It doesn't feel like a lot of minutes. We can always go for more, so it feels alright."

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