Thornton Jr. focusing on season

Derryck Thornton Jr. is one of the top players in 2016. Read on for his thoughts on his recruitment, being at Findlay, and more.

Derryck Thornton Jr. is one of the top players in 2016 and there are numerous schools throughout the country that are recruiting him as such.

The 6-foot-2, 165-pound point guard is working on his game at Findlay Prep, where Arizona has been successful in the past.

"I love it," Thornton Jr. said of Findlay. "We are really starting to come together as a team and getting closer and closer. I love the atmosphere and everything."

Current Wildcats Nick Johnson and Brandon Ashley have said numerous times that Findlay prepared them for the bigger stage at Arizona and Thornton Jr. is quick to say something similar.

"I feel like I am learning how to be a better point guard," he said. "I am working on little stuff, but also playing on a big stage. I am coming across adverse situations and I am learning how to face those situations."

Thornton Jr. is not paying a lot of attention to his recruitment, but he knows that there are plenty of schools involved.

"Recruiting is going pretty well," he said. "A lot of coaches are contacting my father and coaches. I am letting them take care of most of that, but they let me know there are a lot of schools coming after me.

"It is always cool to see what is going on, but I try to focus on the game and I want to focus more on certain schools later on in my career."

Arizona is one of the schools that is recruiting Thornton Jr. the hardest and he is impressed with what the Wildcats have to offer.

"They have a great school and they are number one, so they are doing great things," Thornton Jr. says. "Coach Miller is a great coach and he is doing great things over there."

What will Thornton Jr.'s recruitment come down to?

"I am looking for a great relationship with the coach and the staff," he said. "Style of play will be important and academics also and where the school is."

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