Taylor confident in Dorsey's future

St. John Bosco coach Derrick Taylor is confident in Tyler Dorsey's ability for the next level. Read on to see why, why he thinks Arizona landed him, and more.

St. John Bosco basketball coach Derrick Taylor has tutored some talented players over the years and while he usually has an idea of when a star player might commit, he was surprised by Tyler Dorsey's recent pledge to Arizona.

"Honestly, I didn't know Tyler was going to commit this soon," Taylor said. "But it shouldn't really come as a surprise to me because he said he would commit when he was ready. He wasn't looking to unnecessarily drags things out."

Taylor believes Dorsey's skill set will fit in well at Arizona.

"He's a kid who loves getting up and down the court and when you watch Arizona that is what they're about," Taylor said.

"They get that stop and then they are out and running and I think Tyler is a guy who feels comfortable leading the break or catching passes from the wing."

While it is no secret that Dorsey is looking to eventually transition to the point guard position, he isn't forgetting about the skills that earned him such a high national ranking in the first place.

"Tyler has a natural ability to put the ball in the basket," Taylor said. "He has a very good mid-range game and is improving all the time on his jumper while also working on his ability to lead a team.

"As a point guard he is getting better at putting his guys in a position to succeed. Little things like getting the ball to a player in the best position for them to make a move is what he is focusing on."

Dorsey's work ethic is one of the reasons Arizona became so enamored with the 6-foot-4 wing.

"Sean has been on him for awhile and he believes he can get Tyler to that next level because he is a kid who is all about basketball," Taylor said. "He put in the time wooing Tyler and I can tell you that he just feels a strong connection with Coach Miller. That is why he is a Wildcat now."

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