Arizona's offense continuing to evolve

Arizona's offense is continuing to involve for numerous reasons. Read on to see what Sean Miller and T.J. McConnell have to say about what makes it so dangerous and more.

Arizona's offense has not been bad by any means, but it continues to improve and develop as the season comes along.

One of the major reasons for this is the fact that each of the players likes to share the ball, which is something that obviously makes head coach Sean Miller happy.

"It has a lot to do with versatility as a player," Miller said. "That's simply who they are. I think it has gotten better as some of those guys have been here. It starts with your guards. Your guards pass it and are unselfish like T.J. (McConnell) and Nick (Johnson) are. It permeates to the rest of the team. Aaron knows how to share the ball."

As Arizona gets more comfortable with each other, the offense will only get better.

"Offenses grow as the season grows," Miller said. "Our players are more familiar with each other and can share the ball. For the most part, our guys know their role and are trying to do it to the best of their abilities."

T.J. McConnell has had a big responsibility in increasing the impact of the offense, as he has become more aggressive offensively.

"I kind of feel like people don't respect my shot," he said. "I haven't taken a lot of outside shots this year, but I've worked hard this summer and I have confidence in it. So, if they back off, I'm going to shoot it."

Still, McConnell is more natural at getting the ball to his teammates and feels he is at his best when the big men are effective.

"As we've said a ton, we're unselfish," McConnell said. "Everyone's unselfish, not just one guy. We can score at any position, that's what makes us so dangerous. When we're unselfish like that and getting it to the big guys, I think we're pretty tough to stop."

With the offense continuing to improve, the ultimate goal remains clear.

"We're just trying to take this one game at a time," McConnell said. "This is our dream. We're living our dream right now being the number one team in the country and we have our target on our backs, but we like that.

"It's a challenge and we know we're going to get everyone's best shot so we just have to keep working hard in practice."

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