Colorado adjusting to life without Dinwiddie

Colorado is currently working on playing without its best player in Spencer Dinwiddie. Read on to see how the Buffs have adjusted and more.

When Colorado list Spencer Dinwiddie for the season, the loss was more than simply its best basketball player.

"It's such a mental thing with our team because Spencer did do so many things for us, that it is going to be by committee," Colorado coach Tad Boyle said.

One player that is going to be asked to produce more is freshman Jaron Hopkins.

"Jaron Hopkins is not going to be Spencer Dinwiddie and we don't expect him to be, but he is a terrific player," Boyle said. "He can bring some of the things to the table that Spencer brought and one of the things we need is we need a defensive presence on the perimeter because Spencer was our best perimeter defender. Jaron is capable of being a good defender and helping in that area."

In addition, a team like Colorado that normally relies plenty on the bench is going to have to do so more.

"We are going to need guys coming off the bench like Xavier Talton, Eli Stalzer, George King to step up and make plays for us offensively, make free-throws, get to the free-throw line," Boyle said.

"It is going to be by committee, but what I want our players to understand is that Spencer averaged about 14 points and four assists per game and if we can get seven guys on our team get one extra bucket a game, we have made up the 14 points and four guys get an extra assist a game, we made up the assists.

"But it is the confidence and swagger that Spencer brought to our team that is going to have to be developed as we move forward."

As soon as Dinwiddie was ruled out for the season, Boyle had numerous talks with the team, including two individuals.

"I have had conversations both with the group and individually," he said. "I think the two guys whose shoulders the leadership is going to fall on is Askia Booker and Josh Scott. The message to them has been you just have to be positive.

"When bumps in the road come, as they will, and they would have with Spencer in the lineup, now with him out of the lineup, when those bumps in the road come, it's imperative that you are positive not only with yourselves, but with your teammates.

"Understand that this is going to be a process and we have talented guys and we have to handle it in a positive way."

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