Buffs still pose a challenge

Colorado may be without its best player, but it still poses a challenge. Read on to see why Sean Miller says that is and more.

Colorado may not be as good as it was with Spencer Dinwiddie, but the Buffaloes still pose a challenge to Arizona on Thursday.

"Colorado is a good team," Sean Miller said. "They are a better team I am sure with Spencer Dinwiddie, but every game and every day they move forward from the injury, the more sure of themselves, the more together, the more they will become a better team.

"Initially it is hard because I am sure you are introducing some new roles, but Tad Boyle is an excellent coach obviously. Every time we have played Colorado, it has been a terrific game."

One of the ways in which CU will deal with the loss of Dinwiddie is by playing its bench even more than it did previously.

"I think Colorado, one thing they have always done is play their bench," Miller said. "They have a number of players that are accustomed to being a part of the game.

"Now I am sure what they are going to do is change the dynamics. Instead of 15 minutes, maybe it becomes 20 or 25. They are going to be fine, I still think they are a terrific team and we are preparing for a great game on Thursday."

Askia Booker is one of the individual players that will be asked to step up in numerous ways.

"Askia Booker, who is in his third year as a starter, as somebody that averages 13 points a game, is he capable of having a big night?" Miller asked. "Certainly. He's done that all the way since the beginning of his freshman year."

In addition to Booker, Josh Scott may be the most consistent player on Colorado.

"When you have a role like he had last year as a freshman, sometimes the biggest jump you make is from your freshman to your sophomore year," Miller said. "Statistically, 14 points and nine rebounds a game, that catches your attention."

Miller expects the same Colorado team he has seen before, just with some increased roles.

"They have a system of play that they really believe in," he said. "They are not necessarily going to reinvent the way they play, it's just that the players inside of it will have a different or bigger role."

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