Johnson answers the call

Nick Johnson once again answered the call when Arizona needed him the most. Read on to see him discuss the mindset, performance, and more.

Nick Johnson coming up big when Arizona needs him is becoming a pattern and one that the Wildcats fully embrace.

They needed him once again on Sunday, as Arizona got Utah's best shot.

"I think Utah came out and we knew they were a great team coming into this," Johnson said. "Their record shows it. They have some great players on their team.

"We just know that every single game we're going to get everybody's best shot. It is definitely something we have adjusted to throughout the year and we will continue to battle back."

Johnson believes that Arizona is more likely to grow from the close games rather than the ones in which Arizona easily wins.

"It was a tough game," Johnson said. "That was the hardest 11 point game that we have experienced this year, but it is good for our team.

"We knew it was going to be tough and they're a good team. They have tricky concepts as far as their defensive schemes, but it was definitely good for us."

Utah deserves credit for Arizona's slow start, as the Utes played numerous different defenses.

"Half of the game we didn't really know what they were in," Johnson said. "Man, matchup zone, or whatever. It was definitely something to adjust to, but we got adjusted and started hitting shots and getting good looks."

Arizona dominated the glass and Johnson was quick to credit his teammates for it.

"They were monsters on the glass," he said. "If they can do that every single game or every other game, that would be great for our team.

"I think we're best when we get out into the break and in transition, hitting spot up threes and getting to the rim. That all starts with getting a defensive rebound and over the last few games, we haven't been doing that. We just tried to get back to our identity, getting stops on defense and finishing the possession."

Offensively, Johnson is showing off a bigger arsenal than ever before and has been efficient doing so.

"Today we happened to expose them on ball screens and I got their big on me a few times," he said. "Kaleb set a good ball screen or Brandon or Aaron and I just went around him and shot a little floater or something like that. Really we're all making shots. It's an all-around effort.

"I never want to be the person to be a jacker or the person on the team where everybody looks at him kind of sideways. I guess that's just me as a person."

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