Despite offensive struggles, Gordon shines

Aaron Gordon may have struggled offensively, but he was able to impact the game in other ways. Read on to see his mentality through the struggles and more.

No matter what kind of shot Aaron Gordon tried, it seemed at times that it just was not going to be able to get in, as he shot 3-13 from the field.

However, Gordon was able to make up for it with his defense and 12 rebounds, seven of which came on the offensive glass.

"My all-around game wasn't too well, so rebounding is one thing I can actually focus on," Gordon said. "It comes pretty natural for me, so I was just taking out my frustration and aggression on the rebounding."

Gordon admits that it can be hard to play through offensive struggles, but he has known how to for a while.

"It's really hard, but I learned from a young age that if it is not going your way, you have to try and turn the tide and make it go your way," he said. What I was doing was focusing on defense and rebounding.

"The ball wasn't going through the rim tonight, but I picked up my play in other aspects and I am capable of doing that."

One of Gordon's three field goals was a dunk late in the game that seemed to give the Wildcats some momentum.

"It was just putting the ball in the rim," Gordon said of the dunk. "It definitely was not going down for me tonight, but just getting that one and being able to dunk on somebody and go back on defense and make them call timeout is incredible. It really picked my energy back up and it motivated me more for the next play."

With the win, Arizona moves to 20-0. While that may seem impressive, Gordon says he is not focused on the record.

"We've just been working on the process," he said. "We're not worried about the record, we're not worried about who we just beat or who we have beaten in the past. We're worried about the next game and the next series.

"However far we can expand our record to, that is what we are going to do, but we're not focused on that at all. It feels good, but that's not our top priority."

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