Skill position players could bust out

In this second installmet of an interviwew with John Mackovic, he discusses the quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs. Do the Wildcats have enough play makers? Mackovic seems to think so.

On the wide receivers:

"(Bobby) Wade, (Malosi) Leonard, (Andrae) Thurman and (Gary) Love are the four guys who give us the most consistency in terms of knowing what to do, where to go and being able to get there and catch the ball. Malosi will work at the split end, Bobby as the flanker, and Andrae and Gary work at the slots. Our wide receiver corps has improved a great deal from the spring. We dropped a lot of balls in the spring, but they really have made some dramatic improvements.

"Lance Relford, Ricky Williams, Brandon Marshall and Nick Fleury are the next four players that we will work in the three deep. We practice two deep at most positions, but we practice three deep at wide receiver and running back.

"We'd like to strive for perfection in catching balls. We'd like to catch 100% of the balls. What becomes an acceptable range is about 91%. Any thing under 9% (dropped passes) would be considered great."

On the quarterbacks:

"Jason Johnson continues to understand the why and the when. He is trying hard, and he is going to be a player who is going to make things happen. He is smart, and that's important because the quarterbacks call the formations and the protections. Right now, the quarterbacks are getting even duty, but Jason will start getting the bulk of the work after this week to where he is getting at least 65 percent of the work.

"All three quarterbacks (Johnson, Watkins and Rattay) have done very well, and John (Rattay) has improved the most since spring practice. Cliff (Watkins) was a little ahead of him after the spring, but John is about even with Cliff at this point. Rattay delivers the ball on time and more accurately than he did in the spring, and he is reading the plays quicker and doing a much better job of getting the ball to his targets.

"Nic (Costa) has a lot to learn, and it was unfair for anyone to expect him to come in and flourish right away. He has learned well so far, and he is getting comfortable with what we're doing and why everything happens."

On the running backs:

"It is nice to have Leo (Mills) back, but he would have benefited by being here in the spring. He is working hard, and he had his best practice of the fall last night.

"Clarence Farmer is a force, and he is ready to go. Clarence is a terrific receiver, and he catches the ball away from his body.

"Mike Bell is a young player, and he did a nice job in the scrimmage. He learns well, and we could get him ready to play in the first game. I anticipate that he will see action somewhere down the line this season.

"Tremaine Cox, Anthony Fulcher and Mike Detwiler have each taken snaps at fullback, and each has his role. Detwiler can be a tough runner because he runs right over people, and he is a good blocker. Cox and Fulcher are similar in that they are quick at running routes, and they can catch the ball and make breaks in the open field. Cox, Fulcher and Bell all have the chance to be good receivers."

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