Cal trying to battle through adversity

After a fast conference start, Cal has struggled as of late. Read on to see why Montgomery thinks that is and more.

Cal enters Saturday's game on a losing streak and head coach Mike Montgomery does not believe there is any secret as to why the Golden Bears are losing.

"Teams are playing better than we are," Montgomery said. "There's no mystery about starting the game. It's the game of basketball. You've got to make plays.

"You've got to make shots, you've got to defend. One of things we're struggling with right now is we're not shooting the ball very well. We've just got to keep working."

Montgomery also believes that the Pac-12 is simply a tough conference and that may not get as much attention as it should.

"This league is tough," he said. "There's teams fighting for upper half, there's teams fighting for top ten, there are teams fighting for everything. It's every game and every team. If you looked at Arizona State they looked pretty good.

"It's night after night. That's how leagues shake themselves out and how people end up where they do in the standings. They're going to have to compete every night out. That's the way it should be.

"That's what athletics is about. It's not about a bunch of front runners who only want to play good when you're playing good and you only want to be excited when things go your way you're not going to have much luck."

In order to get back to winning, Cal must find a way to battle through the difficulties it has encountered.

"You've got to find a way to fight through adversity," Montgomery said. "You've got to find a way collectively to make things happen. That's just the way it is and the way it should be."

Guard Justin Cobbs was a bit more matter of fact when discussing the direction that Cal is going in.

"We have to win," he said. "We can't keep losing games at home. We've dropped three straight so we have to perform, we have to win."

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