Miller reflects on Ashley's injury

Sean Miller took some time with the media on Monday to reflect on the loss of Brandon Ashley to injury. Read on to see what he says about Ashley's reaction, the team's mindset, and more.

On Sunday night, Sean Miller announced that Brandon Ashley would miss the season with a foot injury. During Monday's press conference, Miller went into detail about how Arizona and Ashley in particular reacted to the news.

"I'm not a doctor," Miller said. "It's a season-ending foot injury and it is obviously significant. First and foremost with an injury like that, it's always about what's in the best interest for the student athlete and in this case, what is in the best interest of Brandon Ashley's future. With those being determined, I think the other part of it is that there is a real possibility that there will be surgery needed.

"I think right now the next phase is to determine there are different ways of doing surgery. Again, which way is going to be in his best interest and that choice is made, no regrets, and that he can have the surgery and move forward and have a prosperous career."

When Ashley found out about his season-ending injury, his reaction was what is to be expected.

"Obviously devastated," Miller said. "Brandon is a great kid, a very intelligent kid, but it is hard any time at that age the game that you love and with the dreams that you have and how hard you work in the offseason, in Brandon's case how he had established himself as a part of a team that went 21-0 with him.

"In my mind, he did not play against Cal. He played six possessions, three offense and three defense, and got hurt. With all of the things that have gone right through this hard work and investment, when you are done like that on one play, it knocks you back.

"I have no doubts Brandon comes from an incredible family and I think everybody has a real positive spirit about them. He will move forward and go on to do great things."

As far as the rest of the team goes, Miller believes that it must move on and has the potential to do so with success.

"We've only talked one time, which was after our game at Cal," Miller said. "I said what I think all coaches would say, that this is a team sport. Adversity seems to strike all teams at some level during the season.

"Sometimes it is more severe than others, we all recognize we lost one of our key players, but we also have enough on our team, whether it is players that have not had as much of an opportunity and now they are going to have more of one, or maybe a couple guys that haven't played a lot this year that are now going to be given a role.

One way to look at the news with some positivity is that the injury did not happen early in the season and Arizona has the players to be successful.

"We have to make up for his loss in a number of ways," Miller said. "I have no doubt that we can do that. Are we going to miss Brandon Ashley? No doubt about it, but we still can be an excellent team.

"We don't have to play the entire season without him, we have a nine game regular season and from that point we move into the postseason. A lot of basketball is behind us, we're fortunate that we have been relatively healthy from start to game 21, it's just that game 22 changed quickly."

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