McConnell ready to adjust

T.J. McConnell knows he will have to adjust to Brandon Ashley being out. Read on to see his thoughts on an increase in minutes, the team's mentality, and more.

Arizona point guard T.J. McConnell knows that there are going to have to be some adjustments now that Brandon Ashley is out.

"It sucks, but we are going to have to move on and guys are going to have to step up, people are going to have to play more minutes," McConnell said. "We feel bad for Brandon, but as a team we have to move on and get ready for Oregon."

McConnell doesn't believe Thursday's game is any more important because of the injury, but rather because it is coming off a loss.

"Every conference game is important," he said. "Coming off a loss, practice is going to be a lot harder this week. I think we're going to be ramped up to play. That was a tough loss for us, but I think we will be ready."

Arizona has basically already played one game without Ashley, but McConnell admits that it is an awkward feeling.

"We tried to make our adjustment as we went on and it was weird a little bit," he said. "Guys are going to have to step up and guys that have not played a lot are going to have to play more. They need to be ready."

Speaking of adjustments, McConnell feels that the lineups will be determined by how Sean Miller chooses to attack the opposing team.

"I would just say it depends on how the game is going," McConnell said. "If they are big, we might try to match with their size or we might go three guards to cancel out them being big and us going fast. It just depends on the flow of the game."

Miller has already stated that the starters' minutes will go up and Arizona's starting point guard seemingly has no issue with that.

"I would actually love to play 40 minutes if I could and I know everybody else on the court would love to, but we are ready to play more minutes," McConnell said. "It is a bad circumstance for us to play more minutes, but we have to be ready."

In addition to having to deal with the actual team issues, the Arizona players have had to deal with numerous members of the media basically writing them off.

"We kind of don't pay attention when people say stuff like that," McConnell said. "Nobody expected us to do as well as we are doing this year. We kind of just let our play do the talking.

"People can write what they want and say we are not a national championship team, but we're going to work hard every day and they can't take that away from us."

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