Persistence pays off with Cloy

Arizona may have slowed down contact with Darrell Cloy for a bit, but it got right back to it. Read on to see how that persistence paid off, his thoughts on his future, and more.

During the recruiting process, small things often get overlooked. Darrell Cloy wasn't always at La Habra (Calif.) High School, as he transferred midway through his junior year from Garfield.

During that time, several schools were recruiting him, including Arizona. The Wildcats lost track of Cloy after the transfer, but managed to hook back up just in time for his recruitment took off.

"Arizona came down to see me as a junior," Cloy said. "I transferred to La Habra and they lost sight of me a little bit.

"Then, before my senior year, we got back in touch. We talked a lot about my junior year and Coach Dews came to my school and offered me a scholarship."

When the scholarship was offered, the tight end wanted to commit on the spot, but the Wildcat coaches had other plans.

The coaches asked Cloy to wait and attend the red carpet event for the grand opening of the Lowell-Stevens Football Facility, where he got to meet all of the coaches in person.

"I wanted to take it right when he offered it, but he told me to wait and come down for the grand opening of the new facilities," Cloy said. "Automatically, when I met all of the coaches in person and talked with everyone, it felt like home. That was when I committed."

Even before he was offered a scholarship, Cloy had good thoughts about Arizona. He wanted to leave California and have a strong relationship with the coaches of his future school.

Both of those were realized when the Wildcats came calling.

"I knew before the offer that I wanted to go there," he said. "I have always known I wanted to go out of state and talking with Coach Dews on the phone, I always knew I wanted to go to Arizona.

"Talking to Coach Ragle was the final point. I got to talk to him about football and life. I knew right then and there that it was the place for me."

Cloy was sold on the coaches and the location, but was also sold on his position. He will be utilized in multiple ways throughout the offense.

"I am going to fit right in at the hybrid tight end role," Cloy said. "I'm going to be right next to the tackle and in the backfield and I can play some wide out too. I'll do just about a little of everything."

When Cloy gets to campus, he wants to begin the training regimen immediately. The tight end wants to play during his freshman year and knows that in order to do that, he will have to get bigger and faster.

"I want to get on the field my freshman year," he said. "I want to get out there and show the coaches what I can do.

"I need to get faster and bigger in the off-season. I need to work on my conditioning and cardio. Just getting ready for the fast-paced offense."

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