Signing Day Awards: Best Overall Player

Arizona has plenty of talented players in this class. Read on to see which player each staff member feels is the best overall.

Michael Luke: Already possessing a body that belies his age, Nick Wilson looks physically ready to contribute immediately. He is a big, powerful kid with surprising quickness and looks the part of a Rich Rodriguez running back.

He is also a very mature kid who players naturally gravitate toward. It would not be a surprise to see him challenge for the starting running back spot and to become a leader on a fairly young team.

Cody James Martin: Cameron Denson may wind up being one of the all-time greats at Arizona, as he is a phenomenal defensive back and an even better receiver.

It is still undecided as to where Denson will start his career with the Wildcats, but he could play on either side of the ball and be a standout.

As a cornerback, Denson has the vision and the speed to break up passes all over the field. As an offensive threat, he can be explosive.

In either case, Denson still has some work to put in. He will need to put on some weight, but that doesn't seem to be an issue incoming Wildcats have had the last two years.

Jason Scheer: This is a tough one for me, because I think there are numerous players with a ton of talent.

Watching Jamardre Cobb, I think Arizona got the best middle linebacker in the west and that is saying a lot.

Cobb is already at a good weight, but he can legitimately gain 20 more pounds or so and be just fine. He has the exact frame you want in a linebacker and speed to back it up.

Personally I feel Cobb is good enough to play major time right away and make an impact doing so. I won't go as far to say he will be the best linebacker on the roster next year, but if not he will be pretty darn close.

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