Signing Day Awards: Best Defensive Player

The staff is all in agreement as to who is the best defensive player in the class. Read on to see who we think it is and why.

Cody James Martin: This was a tough call because there are plenty of good defenders coming in with the class.

Jamardre Cobb is a solid linebacker, but he will have some competition in order to see early playing time, as he will be going up against DeAndre Miller for playing time and that won't be an easy battle to win.

It may be a year until the linebacker gets tapped into his full potential, but when he gets settled in and finds his place, he will be contributing to a scary linebacker corps, comprised of Miller, Scooby Wright, Derrick Turituri, Keoni Bush-Loo, and Antonio Smothers.

Cobb has the size and athleticism to destroy opposing players and create plenty of problems for running backs.

Michael Luke: Cobb looks the part of a big-time Pac-12 linebacker. With an already sturdy frame that can continue to put on weight, Cobb is known as a versatile prospect.

On tape, the Wildcats are getting a player who can be a factor stopping the run while he continues to develop into a better player in coverage.

Jason Scheer: I think Cobb is the best player Arizona has signed, so this one is an obvious award for me.

In fact, if it is somehow possible, Arizona fans are not paying enough attention to Cobb. I would be really surprised if he does not come in and contribute right away at a high level.

Cobb's motor is fantastic, he can run downhill, and he is just a kid that loves to play football and is very good at it.

We aren't talking about a player that is good for Arizona, we're talking about a player that could probably play for the majority of the teams in the country.

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