Walton's commitment remained strong

Levi Walton developed a strong relationship with the coaches and stuck to it. Read on to see why, what he is looking forward to, and more.

Although many recruitments come down to playing time or various other factors pertaining to football, Arizona has done a great job building strong relationships with the players it is recruiting.

North Fort Meyers (Fla.) offensive tackle Levi Walton is one of the players that the Wildcat coaches have forged a strong bond with.

Even after his commitment, Walton has continued to see the relationship grow.

"Our relationship has grown a lot," Walton said. "I had Coach Michalczik in my home a few weeks ago. Prior to that, Coach Rod and a few of the other coaches came down to see me.

"I introduced them to the family and we have been getting to know each other and getting everything ready for me to head down there."

Heading all the way across the country is hard for some recruits to do, but not for Walton.

He committed at the end of one of his visits to Tucson and still had to sell the idea to his parents, who were much more accepting after meeting the coaches.

"My parents really enjoyed meeting the coaches," he said. "At first, they wanted to meet them and they weren't sure about me going out there. Once they met Coach Rod, they started to get more and more excited about me going out there.

"At first, they were reserved about me going, but now, they're very excited. They are ready for me to get out and be on my own out there. They are already planning something to come down and see me though."

The offensive tackle had always felt a pull towards the Wildcats since his recruitment began. Walton never felt a lack of love from Arizona and it paid off in the long run.

"I knew all along that Arizona was special," Walton said. "They offered me early in my junior year and it meant a lot.

"Out of all the schools that offered me, they were the ones that were the most persistent. The coaches were the ones that cared the most and stayed in contact the whole time."

While on his official visit, Walton got the attention first-hand and in-person. Spending quality time with the coaches was what helped seal the deal for the Wildcats.

"The coaches are the best thing I can remember about my official down there," he said. "They were the realest coaches out of all the coaches that were recruiting me. They were the most honest and always made me feel wanted."

Walton is not sure what his role will be like upon arriving at Arizona, but he is excited to go through the entire freshman process and help out the team in whatever ways he can.

"I'm really not sure what my role will be like this year," he said. "I just want to do whatever I can do to help the team. Whether I dress or redshirt, I just want to help the program.

"I don't have any goals yet. I just want to do the best I can and make a name for myself."

The transition may be a tough one for Walton, but he is ready to tackle it the best way that he can.

He is excited to meet new people and get out on his own, which gives him the opportunity of a lifetime.

"I'm really looking forward to meeting new people when I get own there," Walton said. "I haven't really traveled or been to different places at all.

"Going on my official was like going to a whole new world. Just seeing what everyone is like out there and seeing how the people are is the most exciting part for me."

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