Getting to know Josh Pollack

What is Josh Pollack doing for Signing Day? Read on to find out that and more about Arizona's lone special teams addition of the class.


Favorite NFL player: Robbie Gould

Favorite thing to do in spare time: Sleep

Team looking forward to playing the most: Arizona State, because of the rivalry

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Favorite sports memory: "On my high school team, we were down six with a few minutes left and I went out for a pooch punt. The ball bounced off an opposing player's helmet and we recovered on the ten-yard line. We ended up winning by one because of that."

Pre-game superstition: "I have a lot of routines that I do before I kick, but nothing really superstitious."

Signing Day plans: "The school has a little party for us, so that we can sign in front of some friends and family.

"My family will probably take me out to dinner or something, but we haven't really decided that yet."

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