Facilities make the difference for Hunt

J.R. Hunt already liked Arizona before he visited, but the upgraded facilities put the Wildcats over the top. Read on to see why that is and more.

Much has been made of the effects the new facilities have had on UA football recruiting and that is never more evident than in the case of Chandler (Ariz.) safety J.R. Hunt.

"I went into recruiting looking at a couple of things, but I would say what really did it for me was going to down to Tucson this summer and checking out all the facilities and stuff like that," Hunt said.

"They built it up as being something big and they weren't kidding at all. The place is incredible. It was like being at a pro place or something."

Visiting with his future position coaches also sold Hunt on the merits of attending Arizona.

"They were just really good guys," he said. "I loved just talking with them and once it got to talk on the football field we were all on the same page.

"They run a lot of back eight players out there and they get after the offense and it was something I could see myself transitioning to."

In the meantime, Hunt knows what he needs to work on to ensure he gets on the field.

"I would say I am pretty good in the box and attacking the ball and I would say I need to improve in coverage against some of the quicker guys out there," he said.

"I'm excited to start training down there and getting on the field and getting to work out at the gym."

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