Getting to know Jordan Poland

Who does Jordan Poland model his game after? What is he doing for Signing Day? Read on to find out those answers and more.

Favorite NFL team: Seattle Seahawks

Players who he models his game after: Anthony Munoz and Michael Oher

Favorite Musician: "My favorite lyricist is Kendrick Lamar, my favorite artist is Drake, and favorite rapper is King Louis."

Favorite Hobby: Basketball

Team he wants to play the most: USC

Favorite Food: Ribs or Hot Wings

Favorite Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

Role Model: "My guardian, Mark Schlossberg and my mentor, Jonathan Weis."

Favorite Sports Moment: Getting to the state title game with Williams Field.

Superstition: "I like to go to a corner by myself before the game and go through a mental checklist of my body, similar to how a pilot checks off his equipment before a flight. It helps me focus and get my body physically and mentally ready."

Signing Day Plans: "I'm spending Signing Day with my family. I just want to be comfortable for the day. I'll be relaxing and not having any stress.

"There is an assembly and some announcements at school, but there isn't anything major going on that I know of."

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