Morgan accepting of future

Jordan Morgan was one of Arizona's first commitments and his loyalty has stayed strong. Read on to see why, what he believes his role will be, and more.

Beaverton (Ore.) Southridge wide receiver Jordan Morgan was one of Arizona's first commits and you can make a case that his initial interest was a bit of an accident.

"Actually when I first visited Arizona and went down there to visit, it was to visit Arizona State and I ended up not liking it," Morgan said. "I sent Arizona an email and sent my highlights to Matt Dudek and they told me to come on down and visit."

When Morgan did visit Tucson, he had a feeling that he had not yet experienced in his recruitment.

"That was the first time I could ever see myself going to a school," he said. "The vibe was crazy. It wasn't even a game day and that is how crazy the vibe was down there."

Fast forward to February, and Morgan now finds himself as a greyshirt. It is difficult to imagine many players handling the situation as well as Morgan has.

"I committed really early and they got the transfers that are really good," he said. "They told me if they did not want me, they could have let me go, but they wanted me. They did not have any scholarships for a receiver because they had a lot, but they said I could come in later and basically explained what a greyshirt was."

As soon as Morgan was able to find out all the details about his future at Arizona, he did not hesitate to accept it.

"I asked if I would still have my scholarship and they told me it could be a blessing in disguise to get better before my clock starts ticking," Morgan said. "I told them I would like to stick with it if they still wanted me."

Morgan will arrive to Arizona in January and when he gets to campus, he knows his role will go beyond simply catching passes.

"I kind of look at a receiver as not only being a play maker or only a screen guy or deep ball guy," he said. "I feel like I have to be able to make catches nobody else can and be able to block to get other guys open like Cameron on a screen pass.

"We have a bunch of play makers coming through and guys doing work and good things are going to happen."

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