Rodriguez breaks down offensive class

Rich Rodriguez took time Monday to focus on numerous players Arizona signed on offense. Read on to see what he says about Cameron Denson, Jerrard Randall, and more.

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday to discuss the 2014 class. Read on to see what he said about the players Arizona is bringing in on the offensive side of the ball.

Cameron Denson: "Cam was one of the first commits to us and I told him earlier and he is a high profile guy and a lot of people were recruiting him and all that, he was probably the lowest maintenance high profile guy I have ever recruited. He is a local kid of course and we developed a good relationship, but he did not need a lot of attention, didn't have to have people on him all the time. He just went and played ball.

"He will play offense at first at the receiver position and he will return kicks. There is a chance that he may play some defense too, some third down swat team defense, because he is a talented corner. We think he is certainly one of the best players in the state and maybe one of the best athletes in the entire west."

Brandon Dawkins: "Brandon was a guy we liked on film. We like to see quarterbacks throw in person and it is hard to see them during the season, particularly because we are so busy as coaches during the season. If we can, we try to get them to come to camp. Over half the kids every year that we sign are kids we evaluated or saw in camp.

"Some quarterbacks don't want to work out in person. Most of them don't mind, but some of them you get nervous that if they don't want to work out for you, what do they have to hide? Not only did he work out, we told him we wanted him to run a 40 and see how fast he was. Most guys will take about a half hour to stretch , he just threw his sweats off, touched his toes, and ran a 40. He ran a good time and then said ‘Coach, I'm ready, let's start throwing'."

"He is a young guy, he should really be a junior in high school, so his future is way in front of him. In that position you like to be able to redshirt a guy that young, but I don't promise guys one way or another. We just tell them we don't recruit guys to be backups, we recruit you to come here and compete and we will see what happens when you get here."

Nick Wilson: "I think it is a compliment, but it is unfair to compare anyone to Ka'Deem Carey. Ka'Deem Carey is the hardest running, running back in college football not only this year, but maybe in the last ten years. Nick runs hard, but Ka'Deem is different. I've never seen anything like him. Nobody ran as hard as Ka'Deem Carey in college football. Nick is really talented and he does run hard, so we will see what he can do."

Jerrard Randall: "He was a guy that we remembered out of high school. People say I collect quarterbacks and I do. I like doing that. It is better than collecting sea shells or something like that. Everyone asks why I have to have so many. I have to have at least two that can play and your odds are better with eight of them than they are with four.

"We have a bunch of them and they will all get reps. We were looking around saying that we will look at a freshman quarterback and I will take one in every class, but we like to have a veteran if we can find someone that can come in and compete right away. We started to talk about Jerrard, wondered what happened to him, found what he was doing, and researched a little bit, talked to his high school coach, college coaches, junior college coach.

"Then I got a chance to meet the kid and that's when I was sold. He's been there, kind of done that. He is doing the junior college thing, eating Ramen noodles and doing the hard life. He just seemed hungry and had a little spark about him, so let's see if we can make this happen because he is a talented guy. "

Trevor Wood: "You saw Terrence Miller last year sometimes line up on the line besides the tackle, sometimes in the backfield in kind of the H-back position, sometimes out in the slot. Trevor will do all that, as will Darrell Cloy. We looked for that. We looked for guys that were true tight ends, but also athletic enough to play in space and Trevor can do that."

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