A closer look: Defensive Signings

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday to discuss the 2014 class. Read on to see what he says about the newest defensive players.

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday to discuss the newest members of the team. Read on to see what he said about the defensive players that signed.

Jamardre Cobb and Marquis Ware: "These guys, you watch on film and 30 seconds into it, you're like ‘wow.' These guys are explosive and some people tackle and some people hit and tackle. Cobb and Ware will absolutely blow you up. They will hit you and tackle you.

"After getting to know them, and they came and took the time to visit here, I knew these guys would be terrific for the program because they love football so much and they are hungry. They weren't about all of the other stuff too. Not that there is anything wrong with all the hype, those kids just love football.

"(Ware is) probably a pass rusher. He is big enough. He and Cobb both are guys that if we need to go big from an offensive standpoint, need to use a fullback, both of them could play running back or full back."

Marcus Griffin: "Marcus is a guy that even though he committed to somebody else six or seven months ago, he always kept in touch with us and kept in contact. It kind of heated up for him over the last month. He came on his visit a couple of weeks ago and he was the only guy on an official visit. He got a lot of attention, but I think he got a good feel for us.

"He plays for a great high school program in Bellevue and we needed more D-linemen. That is one area I think we have to continue to build our depth at and he is a big, athletic guy that will help us."

Antonio Smothers: "Antonio is already physically ready. He is 6'1, 6'2, 245 pounds. It is matter of just getting him to learn our system. He is a big, physical guy. Probably will also help us as a pass rusher. This spring will be important for him and guys like Patrick Glover, Jerod Cody, and Jeff Worthy, that are older guys that are in our program right now."

Bigger corners: "I thought he (Kwesi Mashack) was a very good player as a junior, but even better as a senior. He's not the tallest guy, but he is 205 pounds. We got a little bit more size. Patrick Glover is a big corner, Devon Brewer is a big corner, Carr is a big corner.

"We have bigger size and you guys saw in the Super Bowl what happens when you have big, athletic corners. Our guys aren't there yet, but we needed to get size and some depth there with guys that can bang people around a little bit and we think we got that in this class."

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