Arizona's recruiting strategy becoming clear

Rich Rodriguez discussed his recruiting approach on Wednesday. Read on for his thoughts on early commitments, taking other visits, and more.

Arizona's philosophy in recruiting isn't necessarily set in stone, but this coaching staff has developed a pattern and one that has helped it recruit to Arizona successfully.

The Wildcats were able to get numerous early commitments and used them in order to gain momentum.

"I told the staff we don't expect to fill our out our class that soon and next thing you know it filled up," Rich Rodriguez said. "Frankly I wish we would have had two or three more spots at the end to fit guys in. When you look back at all the guys that we signed, we would still take them all again.

"We put the brakes on a little bit towards the end of the recruiting cycle, but this year we will purposely try to keep two or three at the end because there are guys that will show up or guys that will become open."

Cameron Denson was the anchor of the class with his early commitment and Rodriguez does not hesitate to say that he used that to his advantage with other players in state.

"We used it, particularly in state," he said. "We will know we have arrived as a program when the best players in the state come to U of A. We're not getting them all, we're getting some, but hopefully there will be a day we get them all.

"Cam was the headliner for us to start with. He is one of the best players in the state, local guy, and it sends a pretty good message. Cam could have went anywhere, but he went here and his family is going to be able to watch him for the next four years in person."

Although Rodriguez may handle next year's numbers a little differently, one aspect of recruiting that will stay the same is how he views commitments.

"If a guy is committed and he is visiting somewhere else, he is not committed, he is interested," Rodriguez said. "He didn't marry you, he is just dating you. When they are committed, they are married. There have been guys that have been committed to us and wanted to go visit somewhere else. Go ahead, but you are no longer committed to us. I keep reminding guys that this is our scholarship that we hand out, not theirs.

"They've earned it, but it is still ours. Our guys like Cam Denson, the kids from Salesian, the Trevor Woods, when they committed, those guys were in. They all talk amongst each other and they told their friends, ‘Hey I'm committed, I'm in. Why don't you come join us?' That is what you hope for when you get those early commitments, that it snowballs, and that's what happened for us."

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