Arizona moving on without Ashley

Arizona moved on without Brandon Ashley on Thursday. Read on to see what Sean Miller thinks of that reality and more.

Arizona's game against Oregon on Thursday was the first step towards moving on without Brandon Ashley.

Win or lose, Arizona is going to have to deal with the fact that it is going to be without one of its best players for the rest of the season.

"Tonight's game is a real tribute to the team that we have in that it took a lot of resiliency on our part, a lot of belief and toughness, because things weren't going our way," Sean Miller said. "I credit Oregon for a lot of it."

The Wildcats may technically not have time to adjust to life without Ashley, but it is going to take some time to reach its potential.

"We're in season, we can't have an adjustment period," Nick Johnson said. "We have to go game by game and keep getting better. We can't afford to drop any games, so we just have to keep working in practice and that's when the adjustment has to happen."

Miller agreed with Johnson's belief and added that he believes it is going to take some time to get fully adjusted.

"No matter how much we are going to try to get this thing the most right we can, you can't go from five months doing something a certain way with a certain group of kids and then in a 48-hour or three-day window all of a sudden, magically, insert players and still be that good," Miller said.

"It's going to take some time. I believe that given that time, we will improve. We will regain a few things that we had. Maybe we can even better in a certain area that we weren't."

Becoming that team will take more than what goes on during the game, as Miller believes Arizona's mentality will play a large role as well.

"Post-Brandon, we are moving towards figuring out who we are going to become to be the best team we can," he said. "To be able to do that and have a hard earned victory, confidence is everything.

"It allows us to maintain a level of confidence moving into the next game, which I hope we can improve and be even better against Oregon State than we were here tonight.

"A lot of different guys stepping up, and to me, on my end, this is our best victory of the season based on how the game went, what the game means, and without Brandon."

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