Gordon remaining confident

Aaron Gordon remained confident through a recent shooting slump. Read on to see why that is, his thoughts on his offensive game, and more.

Going into Sunday's contest against Oregon State, Aaron Gordon had been in a slump as he struggled with his offense.

That slump is now likely over with Gordon's 17-point effort against the Beavers, who basically had no answer for him.

"I know I am a very capable shooter," Gordon said. "Just to see one go down feels good and I am just going to continue to shoot and have confidence about it."

Gordon is confident in his shot due to the fact that he continually works on making sure it is a legitimate part of his game.

"We work so much on our shot every day in practice," he said. "All of you (media) and all of the fans may not see how much I work on my shot, but I know and my teammates and coach know how much I work on my shot, so that gives me the confidence to shoot in the game."

Even when Gordon was struggling with his shot, he was able to impact the game both defensively and on the glass.

"That's basically what coach talks about before we leave the locker room to go out and play," Gordon said. "He talks about our identity and it is offensive and defensive rebounding."

Sean Miller is taking some of the responsibility of making sure that Gordon will now be in a better position to succeed offensively.

"He's finding his way," Miller said. "Sometimes teams are trying to choose to not guard him. We have to help him put the ball in a good position. so when they choose not to do that he can really punish him and the ball is in his hands in a good place.

"Before that wasn't as important because we had a number of guys that could do things. When he gets the ball in and around the key area, good luck. It's tough not to play him and when you want to back up, he is just going to go right at you."

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